Language: English


Name Raven
Class Taker
Weapon Blade, Nasod Arm
Age 24 (Base) > 26 (1st Job) > 27 (2nd Job)
Class Tree Taker > Over Taker > Reckless Fist
Taker > Sword Taker > Blade Master
Taker > Weapon Taker > Veteran Commander
Voice Actors File:Korean Flag.png 박성태 Bak Seong Tae
File:French Flag.png Patrick Borg
File:Japanese Flag.png 宮野 真守 Miyano Mamoru
20px Mauro Eduardo
Release Date 20px 24 April 2008
20px 29 June 2011
20px August 3rd, 2011
20px 7 December 2011
20px 11 September 2013
Statistics Raven Statistics
Have I helped a little for the peace of this world...?



Raven excels in close combat as he uses his Nasod arm to strike down enemies with a single blow to those who dare get near him. He also uses his sword to slice up anything in his path in order to build up all sorts of combos to tear down the enemy.

Special Ability

Main Article: Anger of Raven
This is a system only known to Ravens. It allows him to deal heavy damage in a short time, or defend himself. After you learn to use it, it becomes indispensable to Raven's gameplay itself.


Raven is a fellow commoner from the Kingdom of Velder who rejected the idea of nobles and aristocrats. However, he was still proud of his kingdom, and thus worked hard to become the Captain of the Crow Mercenary Knights. Being a commoner in such a high-ranking position, he caused jealousy among the nobles. It was just a matter of time before he was framed and sentenced to prison. His friends, comrades, and fiancée rescued him and hid within the forest in the outskirts of Velder.

It did not take long before they were all surrounded by Velder soldiers and slaughtered one by one. Everything that Raven cared for and loved was stripped away from him, right before his very eyes. He stared at all the dead bodies around him as he slowly took what would have been his last few breaths. Just then, a Nasod figure appeared before him offered Raven a contract, for rebirth and power, he would conquer Velder and have revenge on the ones who caused his suffering, Raven agreed, then blacked out.

Raven awoke in a Nasod capsule, with devices attached to various parts of his body. Reborn with a prototype Nasod claw, he becomes the leader of the Velder Rebellion and blindly fights to destroy the kingdom he once protected. That is until he met a crew of young, ambitious heroes who reminded him of his duty to protect the people he once loved. In atonement for his sins, he decides to join Elsword and his friends on a new life adventure of finding the missing El.

First Class Advancement


Raven is required to be Lv15 to begin his first class advancement.


  1. Defeat 9 Jangos in 2-4 on any difficulty.
  2. Speak to Echo the alchemist of Elder
  3. Collect Banthus Bandit's Secret Letter from Boss: William in 2-4 on Hard (☆☆) and above.
  4. Defeat 18 Bomber Mong in 2-4 on Very Hard (☆☆☆).

After completing the Taker quest chain, Raven can decide between advancing as a Sword Taker ,Over Taker or an Weapon Taker.

Click job names below to see what must be done after advancing to Taker.
Sword Taker Over Taker Weapon Taker

Skill Tree

File:RSActive3.png File:STactive1.png Level 0 (2 SP)
File:RAactive3.PNG File:RActive1.png CSZE Level 5 (2 SP)
File:RSActive4.png File:RFactive1.png Level 10 (2 SP)
File:RavenNew1.png File:RSActive1.png File:RPassive5.png Level 15 (2 SP) (2 SP) (7 SP, 2 SP)
File:RSActive2.png File:RSActive5.png Level 20 (2 SP)


Combo Description Damage
Z Z Z Z Basic 4 slash combo that knocks down with the final hit.

Z 100% Phy. Damage
Z 100% Phy. Damage
Z 150% Phy. Damage
Z 200% Phy. Damage

Z Z Z X Basic combo with a Magical attack as a finisher. After 3 slashes, Raven emits a fire burst from his arm which causes multiple hits. This attack is to be used when you're about to finish a combo, or against weaker monsters who can die from using this combo.

Z 100% Phy. Damage
Z 100% Phy. Damage
Z 150% Phy. Damage
X 100% Mag. Damage x 3

Z Z X X Sword/Claw combo that launches the monster in the air.

Z 100% Phy. Damage
Z 100% Phy. Damage
X 100% Phy. Damage
X 200% Phy. Damage

X X X Two hit claw combo which finishes off with a fire blast from the Nasod arm. This attack itself deals heavy damage, and is best to use as a finisher for a combo.

X 200% Phy. Damage
X 200% Phy. Damage
X 400% Mag. Damage

DR Z Z Dash combo which knocks monsters back a great distance.

DR Z 100% Phy. Damage
Z 100% Phy. Damage

DR X Dash combo that grabs with the nasod claw, hitting twice and causing heavy stun.

DR X 100% Phy. Damage x 2

U Z Single jump slash.

U Z 100% Phy. Damage

U X Single jump claw slash which causes KD.

U X 200% Phy. Damage

DR U Z Z Dash jump claw swipe, followed by an overhand slash that knocks down monsters.

DR U Z 100% Phy. Damage
Z 100% Phy. Damage

DR U X Dash jump magical attack. Raven jumps then shoots one small fire burst from his arm which deals one hit which KD.

DR U X 200% Mag. Damage


Special Actives

File:RSActive1.png Maximum Cannon
File:RSActive2.png Cannon Blade
File:RSActive3.png Power Assault
File:RSActive4.png Earth Breaker
File:RSActive5.png Seven Burst


File:RActive1.png Burning Rush
File:STactive1.png Shadow Step
File:RAactive3.PNG Breaking Fist
File:RFactive1.png Ground Impact
File:RavenNew1.png Megadrill Break


File:RPassive5.png Counter Chance

Wedding Skill(Active)

CSZE Extreme Love Above The Sky Lock


Elsword - Raven theme

Elsword - Raven theme


See Raven/Gallery.


  • Raven is also a boss enemy of 4-1.
  • According to his dialogue, Raven was sent to the Return Plains by the Nasod, where he had obtained his new arm.
  • The name of Raven's fiancee was Seris, while the Nobleman in charge behind framing Raven was Alex.
    • According to Raven, Rena resembles Seris.
  • Raven was the first new character to be added to the game since the initial release.
  • All of Raven's 1st Jobs utilize these passives: Taunt and Shadow Piercing.
  • Strangely, his Awakening Aura is red, the same as Elsword's, despite his associated colour being dark gray.
  • In an old KR Elsword update, Raven gained a different pose.
  • Attack speed gaps increase after 20%, thus managing his attack consistency gets much harder. This applies to all of Raven's jobs.
  • With a Triple Element Enchantment, Raven's claws attacks outline of color will remain blue unlike when he attacks with his sword.
  • Like Iron Paladin and Chung, Raven's Interface(Face on the top of the screen)is also a skill cut-in.
  • Of the 7 characters that were given an age, Raven remains to be the oldest
    • The true oldest is a toss up between Rena and Eve. In the first ElType Rena was seen yelling at Elsword and Aisha saying that when she was their size, their great-great grandparents weren't even born yet. But in Eve's in game tutorial intro, it points out that she was shut down/isolated for centuries. However, their age is up to the player's imagination until otherwise stated by KOG.
  • Each Raven's 2nd job have different type of skill while activating Shadow Step :
  • According to the official biodata he:
    • Has birthday on May 8th.
    • Is an AB blood type.
    • 184cm on height and 98kg on weight when still base.