Night Watcher
Name Rena
Class Night Watcher
Weapon Bow, Endril, Traps
Class Tree Rena > Trapping Ranger > Night Watcher
Release Date KR- August 9th, 2012

China-July 10th, 2013

Europe-July 18th, 2013

NA-July 31st, 2013

Speed: Slow Medium Fast
Attack Range: Melee Medium Long
Difficulty: Easy Medium Hard

Specialty Edit

Rena is now able to fire 'Twig Shots' that deal extra damage. She also has enhanced Erendil combos. With more mobile combos, she is able to jump in and out of combat situations. WithDelayed Fire, a Night Watcher is able to control the battlefield! 

Background Edit

The Night Savers send Rena the Trapping Ranger to investigate a kidnapping after receiving an appeal for help from the Ponggos. The elven warrior's only mission is to find out who is behind the misdeed. But when she finds the awful King Nasod holding the Ponggos captive, she couldn't turn away. Rena considers the Ponggos as her faithful friends, and she must rescue them at once!

With help from Elsword and the rest of their El Search Party, Rena attacks and beats King Nasod. The Trapping Ranger rescues the kidnapped Ponggos, and the community of Altera is grateful. Seeing Rena's broken Blade of Erendil, the village's sword smith forged it into a greater, mightier sword for thes brave elf—who, from now on, carries the honor of Night Watcher

Second Class Advancement Edit

At Lv35, Trapping Ranger can advance into Night Watcher. The second class adsvancement quest is obtained from Ariel, the event NPC located in every town. Night Watcher can also be obtained by using the Item Mall item: Badge of the Night Watcher


Night Watcher Edit

  1. Speak with Altera Pongo Elder Adel.
  2. Collect 7 Pongstens from Nasods throughout the Altera region.
    • Recommended the first maps of 4-5 normal mode.
  3. Defeat King Nasod (Boss) 4 times in 4-6 on any difficulty.
  4. Speak with Allegro in Feita.
  5. Collect 20 Pure El Elements from Glitter Necromancers in Feita (Extremely Low Rate).
    • Recommended 5-3.

Skill Tree Edit

Skills Passives Locked
Delayed FIre
Call Of Ruin
Calculated Strike
Level 35
TA fungus
Trapping Arrow:Fungus
Gliding Strike
Level 45
Wrath seed
Seed Of Wrath
Level 50
Furious Engage
Level 55
Sharpen Arrow
Vital Point Piercing
Level 60
Level 65
Seed Of Wrath:Icicle
Liberated Will:Night Watcher
Level 70
Level 80
Rage Fungus
Level 90

Additional Combos Edit

 : All damage values for new and preexisting combos receive a 1.1x multiplier during 2nd job.
Image Description Damage
Sword Switch

Kick the enemy once before switching to Erendil and strike 3 times. The last hit knocks enemies away.

  • Vital Point Piercing and Calculated Strike affect this combo.
  • Slower but higher damage output than Trapping Ranger's ZZZZZZ combo.
  • Post KR Patch 29 May 2014:
    • Motion becomes faster. X cancel point added in X command.
Z-163% Phy. Damage 

 X-326% Phy. Damage 
 X-364% Phy. Damage 
 X-438% Phy. Damage

Gliding KickRun (>>), momentarily pause, rush forward (>), leap into the air (^), and kick twice (ZZ), knocking the target away.
  • Can be looped to run forward faster:>> [pause]>[pause]> and repeat. Alternatively, the covered distance can be further boosted:>> [pause]>^>>[pause]>^ and repeat.
  • Fun fact: When doing the second dash, if Rena doesn't jump, she will sprint forward and almost fall.

 Z-214% Phy. Damage 
Z- 237% Phy. Damage

Twig Shots

Rena now shoots twigs instead of arrows in some of her combos XX(X),ZZZ (X),>> (X), and >>+^(XX). Upon impact, the twig explodes and causes damage to surrounding victims.

  • Shooting targets when Delayed Fire is active will add the amount of stacks.
  • Post 05/29/2014 KR patch:
    • twig pierces through the surface without explosion if there is no target.
  • Post 01/21/2016 KR patch:
    • Fixed issue where ZZZX 's last X not consuming NF.
270% Phy. Damage x2
Endril dive
Erendil Dive

After the standard >>+^X  or, >>+^XX dive down with Erendil to stab enemies.

  • Post 01/21/2016 KR patch:
    • Fixed issue where the last Z not consuming NF.

X-270% Phy. Damage x2
X-270% Phy. Damage x2
Z-238% Phy. Damage + 138% Phy. Damage

Endril barrage
Erendil BarrageAfter the standard >>X, backstab enemies repeatedly while in super armor and finally slash once without knocking away or down. X-270% Phy. Damage x2

Z-210% Phy. Damage
Z-206% Phy. Damage x1~8

Videos Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The hairstyle for Night Watcher is similar to Rena's base job with more hair splits and such.

Alternative Names Edit

Server Name Translation
South Korea 나이트 와처 Night Watcher
Japan ナイトウォッチャー Night Watcher
Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 夜襲者 Night Attacker
China (Simplified Chinese) 夜袭者 Night Attacker
Germany Nachtauge Night Eye
Spain Centinela nocturna Night Sentinel
France Ombre sylvestre Sylvan Shadow
Italy Sentinella notturna Nocturnal Sentinel
Poland Nocny Tropiciel Night Trailer
Brazil Guardiã da Noite Night Guardian